Reset your Browser Settings back to default


Many websites utilize advanced features of your web browser to render content, and use plugins. The majority of applications are flexible with how the user configures his or her browser, but specific applications including the SWAN Portal, and GeorgiaVIEW (formerly WebCT Vista) have more strict requirements. As users modify their browser settings (directly, or indirectly by installing software) these websites my cease to work. The article below will discuss how to reset your web browser settings to to the factory default, possibly resolving issues with certain websites.


Please locate the section that describes your browser, and follow the instructions. If you do not know what web browser or version of web browser you are using, from your menu, click on "Help" then "About..." for additional information.

Internet Explorer 6 (Windows 2000, Windows XP):
  1. Inside of Internet Explorer 6, click on "Tools", then select "Internet Options" from the drop-down list.
  2. Under the "General" tab, click on "Delete Cookies" then "Ok" to confirm.
  3. Click on "Delete Files", place a check in the "Delete all offline content", then click "Ok"  to confirm.
  4. Under the "Security" tab, click on the "Internet" icon, then click the "Default Level" button.
  5. Click on the "Local intranet" icon, then click on the "Default Level" button again. Repeat this step for "Truested sites", and "Restricted sites".
  6. Under the "Privacy" tab, click on the "Default" button.
  7. Under the "Advanced" tab, click on the "Restore Defaults" button.
  8. Finalize your changes by clicking on the "Apply" button.
Internet Explorer 7 (Windows XP, Windows Vista):
  1. Press "Alt + T" on your keyboard to display the hidden tools menu, then click "Internet Options".
  2. Under the "Advanced" tab, click on the "Reset" button, then "Reset" button again to confirm.
  3. Restart Internet Explorer 7.
Mozilla Firefox 1-3:
  1. Exit Mozilla Firefox, then open Firefox in "Safe-mode". On Windows this will be under "Start" -> "Programs" -> "Mozilla" -> "Firefox (Safe-mode)"
  2. Check the "Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults" option, then click "Make Changes and Restart" button.
Apple Safari:
  1. Click on "Edit", then "Reset Safari", then "Reset".


Based on the browser you are using, a pop-up blocker may be enabled by default after resetting the browser settings. To disable this pop-up blocker for your browser please view the article "Disabling pop-up blockers".

If you have reset your browser to defaults and are still experiencing problems with the page you are visiting, please contact the HUB for further assistance.